(updated 1/26/2017)

New computers...

PCN builds custom computers when called for, from name brand components. Each one is built specifically for an individual, to completely satisfy their computing needs within the budget they propose.

To learn more about two styles of new custom-built computers, visit this page...

Upgrade your existing computer...

In some cases, PCN may be able to upgrade your existing computer to make it meet the requirements for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

A short inspection and a discussion of what speed and abilities are desired and required can lead to some savings.

Email cam at concordnorth dot ca to discuss this option.


Based on an hourly rate of $35, these services are available.

PCN also respects that an average computer is not usually worth more than a few hundred dollars, so a $95 limit is typically set on any given services on a PC.

There is no charge for any examination and service proposal.

Please navigate to this page to see detailed descriptions of common services performed by PCN and related pricing.

Computers, Parts and Supplies

To a small extent, PCN stocks certain products and supplies but is no longer promoting them and monitoring them at this website.

Items generaly in stock include...

Any other items can be procured in short order from a network of wholesale suppliers should the need arise.

For persons receiving service on their PCs, updating hardware will be mentioned in the service proposal.

A number or serviceable pre-owned parts (including refurbished computers) are available on an inconsistent basis. These are available, too, and can often reduce the cost of repairing an elderly or little-used computer.

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