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Drivers and manuals available for download...

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Drivers available for download...

Software (computer programming) that is used by the operating system (i.e. Windows) to operate an internal physical component (video, audio, network, modem, etc.) or an external physical component (monitor, printer, scanner, camera, etc.) has come to be called a "driver".

A driver may be comprised of one or more files. A driver often comes as a package - on a CD or DVD, or as a downloaded compressed file set, created by an archive program like Winzip.

Typically a driver requires some kind of installation. Many drivers come with, and are automatically installed by, a modern operating system like Windows XP or Windows Vista. But if a device is new or unusual, users may be asked to provide the necessary driver when prompted by the "add new hardware" wizard.

Correcting driver errors can be difficult, so many hardware manufacturers provide tested drivers and installation programs to be sure their devices work correctly. If a device is installed internally and is unidentifiable to Windows, the "add new hardware" wizard will prompt the user to provide the necessary software. If the device is external, often the software installation is performed before the device is attached, so Windows automatic installers don't jump in unprepared after sensing the new hardware and bungle the task.

Computer owners should be aware that they need these drivers, and any software that comes with their PC when purchased should be kept nearby. Over time, this need is reduced, as drivers can usually be replaced by downloading updated versions from the hardware manufacturers, and Windows itself keeps an ever-increasing library of hardware drivers at ther update site.

If a need for a driver exists, look for, in order of preference...

To locate a driver on the Internet, try using Google search, with a phrase like "driver epson c44ux" or "driver via p4ma". Look for manufacturer's links in the results.

Note: drivers are almost always provided free. A driver library or repair service may wish to charge, but neither of these sources own the copyrighted software so they can only be charging for their time and effort spent storing and providing the files.

Drivers available here...

I do keep drivers for various products I have either owned or sold over the years. These are often the original drivers, so newer ones from the manufacturers are preferred. Also, Microsoft Update includes many drivers now and just fully updating a PC can solve most driver issues.

Note to self: these are screen pics of motherboard and miscellaneous drivers I archived to DVD on 2012-10-15.

Note to others: if you are in need of one of the archived drivers shown in these pics, I will dig it out and make it available to you as a download for $10, that can be paid via Paypal. If I were you reading this now, I would try hard to find this software elsewhere on the Internet first. Start with these links...

(updated 10/19/2013) : ASRock : Asus : Intel : MSIFICDellHP :

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