(updated 12/16/2012)

Getting Scandisk and Defrag to run without repeatedly restarting...

(An older problem with Windows 98.)

There is so much going on behind the scenes when Windows 98 is fully up and running that SCANDISK and DEFRAG have become almost impossible to run through without repeatedly restarting themselves. Each concurrently-running program activity that affects the File Allocation Table (FAT) causes this to happen.

Microsoft's advice is to shut down all programs so these procedures can finish, but most of us consider only the programs on the task bar, and shutting those alone down is usually not enough.

Try this...

Run MSCONFIG by clicking on START > RUN and entering "MSCONFIG". You should see a screen like this...

Choose the Selective startup and uncheck the fields shown. "Apply" the settings and reboot when asked. Run SCANDISK then DEFRAG, then run MSCONFIG again to return to a normal startup.

Under these restricting conditions, SCANDISK and DEFRAG will run slower, but - uninterrupted - will complete the task, and complete it sooner. It is like the tortoise and the hare - slow and steady wins this race.

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