(updated 12/16/2012)

Editing MP3s with MP3TRIM...


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Function : Since many MP3s have been carelessly created, this program can fix their most common problems - by removing leading and trailing silence, normalizing volume levels, adding fades in and out, and editing ID tags.

How to make use of it : Download this program to a location you select. Run it to install the program. Default settings will get you started.

Visit MP3 TRIM's website for full details...

Once you have decided to keep an MP3 file, please correctly rename it! My single largest complaint about MP3s found on the Internet are the gross mistakes made in naming them. Use a consistent format, like "Beatles, Help! - 01 - Help!" where the artist's name is first, the album comes second, the song number follows, and the song name is last. If you must add some other note, put it after the song name. If you follow this pattern you can easily sort the songs in external folders on your computer, or on written CDs, or for sequential playing in external players like Winamp.

In the example shown here, the title shown is different than the actual file's name. This is caused by an underlying "tag" put into the file by the MP3 recording software and song recorder. If you click on the file in the Winamp list and hit ALT-3, the tag info will be revealed. The simplest fix is to "uncheck" the tags and "update" the file. The more complicated fix is to use the tag info in all the songs in your own collection to help you sort your files as you wish. (I prefer the former fix - I rely on a well-designed file name for sorting.)

Editing ID tags can take up some serious time. If you have a great many MP3s that you would like to remove the tags from, go to MP3IR's website and download Internet Renamer - a file utility that can quickly remove ID tags from long lists of MP3 files.

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