(updated 12/16/2012)

Winsock errors and TCP/IP-related issues...

(with information from Microsoft article)

Some of the symptoms...

The Internet is unavailable. Messages refer to unrenewable IP addresses, or "socket" errors. Or ,the Internet may work, but email gives "Socket error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800ccc0e", referring to "socket connections".

To Resolve the Problem

The solution has two parts – the first being the removal of the existing Winsock connections, and the second being the reinstallation of TCP/IP.

Big note : if a router is involved, the router will need to be turned off and back on at the end of the process to generate new IP addresses and an Internet connection.

Step One - Remove Existing Winsock2

Click on Start > Run. Type regedit in the Open field, and click OK.

Drill down to this key... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\

...and delete Winsock and Winsock2.

Re-boot to let Windows create new shell entries for these Winsock keys.

Step Two - Reinstall TCP/IP

Open the Network Connections in Control Panel.

Right-click on your principal Local Area Connection (the name of which may vary slightly), and choose properties. Click on Install.

Select Protocol, and click on Add.

Click on Have Disk.

Very important : type in c:\Windows\Inf. You must type this in - do not browse for this folder. (If you don't, you will not see the category list, you will see raw .inf files.)

Click on OK.

Choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click on OK.

After a pause, you will be returned to this screen...

Associated Instructions and Comments - To Test Winsock Connectivity

In a DOS command prompt window (click on Start > Run and enter CMD), type

Netdiag /test:winsock/v

Associated Instructions and Comments - The Netsh Command

This command is supposed to resolve socket connectivity issues, but does not seem to work as effectively as the manual removal method outlined above.

In a Command Prompt window, type netsh winsock reset

Associated Instructions and Comments - IPCONFIG

In a DOS command prompt window, type ipconfig to view the currnet IP settings.

Ipconfig /renew should let you renew your address. This would prove whether or not there is viable socket connectivity.

Ipconfig /all reveals more details about the network, including DHCP and DNS.

Associated Instructions and Comments - regarding SP2

Note : instructions here are for Windows XP, with service Pack 2 installed. For those without SP2 installed, tools mentioned may be installed from the original Windows XP CD.

1. Insert your Windows XP Setup CD, and then locate the Support\Tools folder.

2. Double-click the Setup.exe file.

Follow the steps on the screen until you reach the Select An Installation Type screen. On this screen, click Complete, and then click Next.

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