(updated 12/3/2012)

Inside a Clickfree external drive...

Recently I was puzzled about a Clickfree external drive, in that I could not format it for use as a freely connectable external drive without the Clickfree software and without losing an area of the single apparent hard drive to a software partition. So, I took one apart to see why the small software partition could not be removed.

These are pictures I took while, and after, I dismantled the unit.

Note: these are large pictures and they will take a while to load. If you click on one it will be shown in its full size.

Once dismantled, I was able to put the actual hard drive into another enclosure and format it to its full size. (The C: drive is the OS, the Samsung from the Clickfree is the E: drive, and the G: drive is another physical drive that just happened to be connected a the time.)

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