(updated 12/17/2012)

Windows Backup...

Windows XP does not widely broadcast that there is a backup program available on their installation CD. The Backup program is not installed by default.

It can be easily installed though, by running the NTBACKUP.MSI file on your installation CD.

Windows Backup can be used to make backups of system files as well as backups of data files. One feature of the backup program is "shadow copying", where Windows manages the copying of system files that are currently in use. (Anyone who has tried to copy a Windows system folder with a drag-and-drop technique quickly learns that files currently in use simply will not copy.)

The restore function (not Windows Restore) is the reverse of the backup function. Files can be selectively restored to original or alternate locations, after which files can be compared to identify the most desired versions. Restore has its own tab in the Backup program.

Backups can be made to the hard drive in use, to an external hard drive, or to optical media.

The path to the program, once installed, is Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Backup.

To facilitate the install (in case you wish to try this program out), you can download the required file (see above) on the Downloads page.

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